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by admin • February 21st, 2022

‘Dog’ Portrait Session

I have updated the gallery with a recent portrait session featuring Channing during promotion for his upcoming movie ‘Dog’ which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel. You can check them out over on the gallery via the links below.

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

by admin • February 9th, 2022

A Movie Star Returns: Why Channing Tatum Is Finally Ending His Break From Acting

Channing Tatum loves a good costume. Just watch “Magic Mike” or “G.I. Joe” (or his Instagram account). In “The Lost City,” he adds to his ever-expanding look book with Dash — a model who graces the cover of a series of romance novels by a bestselling author (Sandra Bullock), the victim of a kidnapping scheme. In the upcoming Paramount Pictures comedy, Tatum dons an unbuttoned white linen shirt and acid-washed jeans as he shows off his golden locks.

Tatum, 41, wanted the hairpiece to pay homage to a range of iconic hunks. “I definitely have a Fabio wig,” he says over breakfast one morning at a restaurant near his home in Los Angeles. “But my inspiration was the man himself that’s in our movie, Brad — from ‘Legends of the Fall.’” Yes, Brad (as in Pitt) makes a cameo in “The Lost City,” which opens in theaters on March 25. “I was like, ‘I want the “Legends of the Fall” wig,’” Tatum says as his face lights up. “I don’t even know if it was his hair. He was fucking gorgeous. And I was like, ‘Please make me that.’”

“The minute he came out of his dressing room, the wig took over his entire personality,” Bullock recalls, laughing. “We lost Channing for a moment. Someone has to have great physicality and comedic timing to take ownership of that in a genuine way rather than make fun of it. He embraced what it was, and it was pretty spectacular.”

Before he wore his hair like Pitt’s, Tatum had been following a similar career path. In the 2010s, he became one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. Tatum spent his late 20s and 30s churning out one box office hit after another — playing a romantic lead in “The Vow,” a comedic action hero in “21 Jump Street” and a stripper with abs of steel in “Magic Mike,” an autobiographical indie film based on Tatum’s early days as an exotic dancer that became a worldwide phenomenon. In addition to the 2015 sequel, “Magic Mike XXL,” the franchise has spawned an HBO Max reality series, “Finding Magic Mike,” and a cabaret show, “Magic Mike Live,” both of which were made through Tatum’s production company, Free Association.

Check out Variety to read the full article.

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

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