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by admin • March 20th, 2022

Magazine Scans Update

I have updated the gallery with some older magazine scans, along with a few more recent scans from 2022. Check out the gallery now and enjoy!

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

by admin • February 13th, 2022

VMAN 48 Cover Star: Channing Tatum’s Second Act

The actor-turned-director chops it up with fellow cinema icon and best friend Jonah Hill about the hardships of directing films, the evolution of personal style, and the journey of fatherhood

Jonah Hill spent his 38th birthday at the chiropractor after a painful surf-related injury requires an MRI. But before he can go in for the scan, Hill has to Zoom with 21 Jump Street co-star and best friend, Channing Tatum, who’s laughing on the other end from Ohio. As Hill puts it, ever so emphatically, “If Chan needs me, then I show up. That’s my rule.”

After an upheaval that led the Alabama-native into a brief Hollywood hiatus, Tatum, now 41, is charging into the future playing no games while having all of the fun.

Checking off his most challenging career feat yet—his directorial debut on February 18th with the family film Dog—Tatum is still staying busy, now simultaneously gearing up for the March 25th release of the action-adventure comedy The Lost City, alongside Sandra Bullock. While other fans might be yearning for Magic Mike’s Last Dance—a final encore to the massive franchise which helped catapult Tatum into true international stardom—the highly anticipated film will be going into production later this year. And finally, before 2022 wraps, Tatum is set to launch into the juicy role of a tech billionaire, playing alongside Zoë Kravitz for her own directorial debut in the upcoming thriller Pussy Island.

“They think they want another Jump Street, but they don’t,” Hill muses to Tatum as the VMAN cover star grins and nods in agreement. “It would just be me and Channing talking about his hip, my shoulder, and the medications that we’re on.” But no matter how many chiropractic visits or hip surgeries the two may undergo, the pair’s youthful, loving, and unadulterated friendship will last a lifetime. Boys will always be boys.

From Tatum’s forthcoming projects to the influences surrounding his fashion evolution and the tribulations of single fatherhood, the comedic duo dive into conversation to reach untold depths while leaving out none of the shenanigans.

Check out VMAGAZINE to purchase your copy and read the full article – On Sale March 1st.

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

by admin • February 7th, 2022

Channing Tatum for Variety Magazine

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

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