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by admin • February 28th, 2022

Channing Tatum reveals the reasons that took him five years away from Hollywood

Returns to theaters with Dog, a comedy with Sandra Bullock and a new Magic Mike movie

by Jake Coyle for Elvocero

Channing Tatum hasn’t starred in a movie since 2017’s Logan Lucky. It’s a baffling pause for one of Hollywood’s top stars: an actor who has gracefully, sillyly, and sometimes shirtlessly redefined male cinematic stardom.

His five-year hiatus ended this week with the premiere of Dog, in which he plays Briggs, a U.S. Army Ranger, who takes a fallen soldier’s dog to his funeral. Then will follow the comedy The Lost City with Sandra Bullock.

But returning to the spotlight, he says he never really intended to disappear: “I didn’t walk away thinking, ‘I’m leaving here.'”

In recent years, Tatum premiered the traveling show Magic Mike Live and wrote a children’s book inspired by his eight-year-old daughter, Everly. In 2018, he and his wife Jenna Dewan, whom he met on the set of 2006’s Step Up, reported their separation after nine years. Meanwhile, Tatum had fleeting screen appearances, making a handful of cameos and voice dubbing.

“Time just vanished… Really, being a father dragged me down for almost four years. I got a little lost doing that,” he admitted.

“I performed for almost ten years and I needed to take a step back… My career was my whole life. It was all about what I was going to do with my career,” he said.

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by admin • February 13th, 2022

VMAN 48 Cover Star: Channing Tatum’s Second Act

The actor-turned-director chops it up with fellow cinema icon and best friend Jonah Hill about the hardships of directing films, the evolution of personal style, and the journey of fatherhood

Jonah Hill spent his 38th birthday at the chiropractor after a painful surf-related injury requires an MRI. But before he can go in for the scan, Hill has to Zoom with 21 Jump Street co-star and best friend, Channing Tatum, who’s laughing on the other end from Ohio. As Hill puts it, ever so emphatically, “If Chan needs me, then I show up. That’s my rule.”

After an upheaval that led the Alabama-native into a brief Hollywood hiatus, Tatum, now 41, is charging into the future playing no games while having all of the fun.

Checking off his most challenging career feat yet—his directorial debut on February 18th with the family film Dog—Tatum is still staying busy, now simultaneously gearing up for the March 25th release of the action-adventure comedy The Lost City, alongside Sandra Bullock. While other fans might be yearning for Magic Mike’s Last Dance—a final encore to the massive franchise which helped catapult Tatum into true international stardom—the highly anticipated film will be going into production later this year. And finally, before 2022 wraps, Tatum is set to launch into the juicy role of a tech billionaire, playing alongside Zoë Kravitz for her own directorial debut in the upcoming thriller Pussy Island.

“They think they want another Jump Street, but they don’t,” Hill muses to Tatum as the VMAN cover star grins and nods in agreement. “It would just be me and Channing talking about his hip, my shoulder, and the medications that we’re on.” But no matter how many chiropractic visits or hip surgeries the two may undergo, the pair’s youthful, loving, and unadulterated friendship will last a lifetime. Boys will always be boys.

From Tatum’s forthcoming projects to the influences surrounding his fashion evolution and the tribulations of single fatherhood, the comedic duo dive into conversation to reach untold depths while leaving out none of the shenanigans.

Check out VMAGAZINE to purchase your copy and read the full article – On Sale March 1st.

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

by admin • February 9th, 2022

A Movie Star Returns: Why Channing Tatum Is Finally Ending His Break From Acting

Channing Tatum loves a good costume. Just watch “Magic Mike” or “G.I. Joe” (or his Instagram account). In “The Lost City,” he adds to his ever-expanding look book with Dash — a model who graces the cover of a series of romance novels by a bestselling author (Sandra Bullock), the victim of a kidnapping scheme. In the upcoming Paramount Pictures comedy, Tatum dons an unbuttoned white linen shirt and acid-washed jeans as he shows off his golden locks.

Tatum, 41, wanted the hairpiece to pay homage to a range of iconic hunks. “I definitely have a Fabio wig,” he says over breakfast one morning at a restaurant near his home in Los Angeles. “But my inspiration was the man himself that’s in our movie, Brad — from ‘Legends of the Fall.’” Yes, Brad (as in Pitt) makes a cameo in “The Lost City,” which opens in theaters on March 25. “I was like, ‘I want the “Legends of the Fall” wig,’” Tatum says as his face lights up. “I don’t even know if it was his hair. He was fucking gorgeous. And I was like, ‘Please make me that.’”

“The minute he came out of his dressing room, the wig took over his entire personality,” Bullock recalls, laughing. “We lost Channing for a moment. Someone has to have great physicality and comedic timing to take ownership of that in a genuine way rather than make fun of it. He embraced what it was, and it was pretty spectacular.”

Before he wore his hair like Pitt’s, Tatum had been following a similar career path. In the 2010s, he became one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. Tatum spent his late 20s and 30s churning out one box office hit after another — playing a romantic lead in “The Vow,” a comedic action hero in “21 Jump Street” and a stripper with abs of steel in “Magic Mike,” an autobiographical indie film based on Tatum’s early days as an exotic dancer that became a worldwide phenomenon. In addition to the 2015 sequel, “Magic Mike XXL,” the franchise has spawned an HBO Max reality series, “Finding Magic Mike,” and a cabaret show, “Magic Mike Live,” both of which were made through Tatum’s production company, Free Association.

Check out Variety to read the full article.

channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum channing tatum

by admin • February 7th, 2022

Channing Tatum Says He’s Too ‘Traumatized’ To Watch Any Marvel Movies

“I shut off my Marvel machine. I haven’t been able to see any of the movies,” Tatum told Variety.

by David Moye for Huffington Post

Looks like actor Channing Tatum doesn’t have such a super reaction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says he can’t watch any of the films.

The reasons are personal, a direct result of Disney shelving his proposed “X-Men” spinoff “Gambit.”

Tatum and longtime producer partner Reid Carolin spent four years developing a raunchy Marvel movie a la Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool” films.

“We wanted to make a romantic comedy superhero movie,” Carolin told Variety. “The thesis was the only thing harder than saving the world is making a relationship work.”

But there was a divide between what Tatum and Carolin wanted and the studio’s wishes.

“The studio really didn’t want us to direct it,” Tatum said. “They wanted anybody but us, essentially, because we had never directed anything.”

Still, the film was cast and a release date was set for October 2016.

However, Disney’s merger with Fox made “Gambit” a corporate casualty, according to Carolin.

“Disney had just gotten the ‘X-Men’ from Fox,” Carolin said. “I think they needed to redesign the ‘X-Men’ from the ground up.”

Tatum still hasn’t recovered from the rejection.

“Once ‘Gambit’ went away, I was so traumatized,” Tatum said. “I shut off my Marvel machine. I haven’t been able to see any of the movies. I loved that character. It was just too sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so ready to play him.”

But Tatum is open to playing the character should Disney reconsider the project.

“Uh, yeah, I would love to play Gambit,” he said. “I don’t think we should direct it. I think that was hubris on our part.”

by admin • September 27th, 2021

Channing Tatum Continues To Encourage Daughter To Be Herself With Second Children’s Book

The ‘Magic Mike’ Actor Continues His Mission To Encourage Young Daughter Everly To Stay True To Herself In The Second Kiddie Book ‘The One And Only Sparkella Makes A Plan’.

by Ace Showbiz for Ace Showbiz

Channing Tatum is set to release his second “Sparkella” book inspired by his daughter.

The 41-year-old actor released “The One and Only Sparkella” in May this year (21), which he penned after noticing his eight-year-old daughter Everly – whom he has with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan – was “self-conscious” about wearing one of her favourite outfits to school because she thought other kids would make fun of her.

And following the success of the book, which made Channing a New York Times bestselling author, the “Magic Mike” star is now working on a sequel titled “The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan”.

The follow-up book will be released in May 2022 and will once again take inspiration from Everly and her dad’s continued mission to encourage her to “be herself.”

Channing told People magazine, “The second book’s inspiration was a little stop and start. I started to go deeper into her school experience. I ultimately decided that I wanted to keep the second book in the world of Sparkella and her dad’s experience learning from each other, teaching each other, etc.”

“The first book was very much about how Sparkella and her father handle/navigate things when they’re nervous about how things are going to go, or how things are going to be.”

The star says he wanted the second book to tackle how kids and parents handle unexpected changes and managing expectations.

“I thought it would be really nice to experience something with the dad and Sparkella that was really about when Sparkella has plans, and the plan is now not going at all how she wanted it to go, and it is now failing,” he added.

“It’s about changing your perspective when things have not gone how you have wanted them to, how do you adapt, how do you change? Maybe the way you wanted things to be could be even better?”

The “One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan” will be on sale 3 May, 2022.

by admin • June 18th, 2021

Zoë Kravitz to Make Directorial Debut With ‘Pussy Island’ Starring Channing Tatum

by Mike Flemming Jr for Deadline

Zoë Kravitz will direct and Channing Tatum will star in Pussy Island, a genre thriller that Kravitz wrote with E.T. Feigenbaum. Bruce Cohen, Kravitz, Tiffany Persons and Tatum’s Free Association will produce. FilmNation will handle international rights and CAA Media Finance will rep domestic rights in the Cannes Market starting next week.

Frida is a young, clever, Los Angeles cocktail waitress who has her eyes set on the prize: philanthropist and tech mogul Slater King (Tatum). When she skillfully maneuvers her way into King’s inner circle and ultimately an intimate gathering on his private island, she is ready for a journey of a lifetime. Despite the epic setting, beautiful people, ever-flowing champagne and late-night dance parties, Frida can sense that there’s more to this island than meets the eye. Something she can’t quite put her finger on. Something terrifying.

As an actress, Kravitz plays Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed The Batman and has starred in Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: First Class, Divergent, and was EP and star of the Hulu series High Fidelity. She has been working toward her directing debut for several years, co-writing a script that captures the zeitgeist clash of power and gender dynamics in a genre construct. She spoke with Deadline and the first question was about the provocative title.

“The title means a lot of things,” Kravitz said. “I started writing this story in 2017. As a woman in general, and a woman in this industry, I’ve experienced some pretty wild behavior from the opposite sex. The title was kind of a joke at first, this place where people would go, bring women, party and hang out. The story evolved into something else, but the title wound up having multiple meanings. And it alludes to this time and place we claim to not be in anymore, in terms of sexual politics. People are evolving and changing but there is still a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths from past behavior. It’s a nod to that, but it’s also playful, and a really playful film in a lot of ways. I like that the title leads with that and has some heavy meaning beneath it.”

Kravitz got writing and producing experience on High Fidelity, which she called “an incredible education in storytelling. This is my first feature and it’s taken many years to get to this point and I’m very excited to step into this new phase. There’s absolutely a thriller element to the film, but it has comedy, drama and real heart. At heart through, it’s a genre thriller.”

She drilled down on Tatum to play the key character of the tech billionaire, and they’ve developed the script together, honing that character along with the heroine. Kravitz said for the female lead, she tried to write a role that would be a dream for her to play, with the resolve to give it to another actress so she can fully focus on directing a film that will begin production early next year on an undisclosed tropical island.

“Chan was my first choice, the one I thought of when I wrote this character,” Kravitz said. “I just knew from Magic Mike and his live shows, I got the sense he’s a true feminist and I wanted to collaborate with someone who was clearly interested in exploring this subject matter.”

Tatum said he was shocked when Kravitz called with that offer, because he’s not usually offered roles like that and because it felt like a challenge to wade into the perilous area of gender politics.

“It’s terrifying to talk about anything, when you start putting your toes over the line, and talking about men and women today, as things are starting to bubble to the surface and everybody is starting to have accountability,” Tatum told Deadline. “When Zoë called me about this, I was shocked. I didn’t know her. I’d watched her in movies, knew she produced High Fidelity and had seen that, but I didn’t know she was creating on a level like this, where she wanted to direct. This came out of nowhere and the subject matter made me say, wait, why are you thinking about me for this? No one gives me a chance to play a role like this, everybody throws me down a different alley and expects me to do a certain thing. It was scary and liberating, just to be able to have a free conversation, where I was allowed to mess up, and say the wrong things. It became less about men and women and on more of a human thing that will open people’s eyes, rather than us drawing lines in the sand, the you’re a man, I’m a woman, it’s us against you thing. This goes deeper in a direction I’m fascinated by and I’m interested in seeing how people receive this and break it down in their own lives. And what they think the movie means and how would they have made decisions.

“Slater is a wild character, an extremely committed version — psychotic possibly — but an extreme version of myself,” Tatum said. “I’m very interested to see what humans are capable of, physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically, all of it. He wants to know what people are capable of, what they want, and what they are capable of when they want something. And how far are you willing to push yourself to get the thing you want. For me, that supersedes gender, race or religion, creed. That’s wildly fascinating to me.”

He also came away from their first meeting with the confidence she had in her vision, and, well, other things.

“When someone can just come out and tell me I should not be wearing Crocs, and is so adamant about it, she completely convinced me and I never wear Crocs anymore,” Tatum said.

“I was just trying to be a good friend, Chan,” she said.

“I get it, but I totally loved Crocs for a hot second, and in one hang she was like, you can’t ever do that again. And I said, ‘OK, fine.’ “

Said Kravitz: “Just to be clear, there are people out there who can pull off the Crocs thing; I just wasn’t sure you were one of them.”

Tatum allowed that since he stopped rocking the Crocs, “I feel cooler, and her point of view on me and Crocs was legit. She had a good argument. The one thing I can pull off, is listening.”

Pussy Island is a co-production between This Is Important, Free Association and Bruce Cohen Productions.

Kravitz is repped by CAA and Untitled; Tatum by CAA.

by admin • April 27th, 2021

‘America: The Motion Picture’ First Look Teases Netflix’s Bonkers Animated Revisionist History Film

by Scott Campbell for

Netflix has revealed the first images from America: The Motion Picture, which is shaping up to be one of the more insane animated movies in recent memory. The film hits the streaming service on June 30, and comes with a stacked roster of talent on either side of the recording booth.

A wildly tongue-in-cheek look at the American Revolution, Channing Tatum voices a buff and chainsaw-wielding George Washington, who assembles a team to take on Benedict Arnold and King James. Washington’s cohorts include a beer-swilling Sam Adams, renowned scientist Thomas Edison, acclaimed equestrian Paul Revere and an angry Geronimo in what sounds as though it’ll be an animated cross between The Avengers and Mel Gibson’s The Patriot, which is kind of awesome if we’re being honest.

Archer executive producer Matt Thompson directs from a script by Wonder Woman and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings scribe Dave Callaham, with Tatum listed as one of the producers alongside partner Reid Carolin, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller also on board.

The voice cast includes Simon Pegg as King James, Judy Greer as Martha Dandridge, Bobby Moynihan as Paul Revere and Raoul Trujillo as Geronimo. The ensemble additionally features Jason Mantzoukas, Olivia Munn, Will Forte, Andy Samberg and many more, although their roles haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

One of the main creative driving forces behind Archer teaming up with Lord and Miller for an adult-orientated animated romp sounds like something to get excited about, especially given the latter duo’s propensity and track record when it comes to top-tier animated content.

As well as writing and directing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The LEGO Movie, Lord and Miller were heavily involved in the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and produced Netflix’s upcoming The Mitchells vs. the Machines, which has been collecting rave reviews ahead of its addition to the platform this coming Friday.

by admin • January 17th, 2021

Channing Tatum planning an Oscar showstopper – and he’s even tipped to be host

EXCLUSIVE Channing Tatum has always been a fan of the Oscars, which has been pushed back to April, and he’s hoping to be one of the main stars at ceremony

by Halina Watts for The Mirror

There really has been no business in showbusiness this year.

So when award ceremonies return, we can only hope for plenty of wild and wonderful behaviour.

Thankfully, Channing Tatum is already on the case and he’s hoping to be one of the main stars at the Oscars 2021.

The actor/dancer/producer/director plans to dance his way through this year’s ceremony, like a modern-day Fred Astaire.

Channing has always been a fan of the glitzy awards bash, which has been pushed back from its usual slot in February to April.

And with this year’s ceremony being produced by his long-time friend and Magic Mike collaborator Steven Soderbergh, the chance to dazzle Hollywood and the rest of the world is too good to pass up.

A source tells me: “Channing would be a terrific Oscars host, but what he’s really looking for is a truly show-stopping moment on that show – not just showing up and handing out a trophy.

“It’s one stage he’s wanted to dance on his whole life and hasn’t had the chance yet.

“And to cement himself as his generation’s answer to Fred Astaire, he’s got to make this happen at some point.”

The 2019 ceremony went ahead without a host after Kevin Hart quit over controversial decade-old tweets.

The Academy and ABC drafted in a number of A-list presenters and big moments instead, in what was the first hostless ceremony since 1989 – but the unusual set-up went down a storm.

A Queen medley followed by “not hosts” Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph got the ceremony off to a cracking start before Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s spine-tingling duet provided that “moment” many Oscar producers can only dream about.

And then 2020 followed suit.

With some interesting ideas up his sleeve, I reckon Oscar bosses would be mad not to sign up Channing.

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